Dedication above & beyond the call of duty

My horse suffers with nevicular problems. Jamie was recommended to me & Jazz has improved immensely due to all the time Jamie has spent treating him, researching, liaising with the vet & all the hours, hard work & dedication above & beyond the call of duty. I wouldn't use anybody else, I cannot praise him highly enough & would recommend him to anybody.

Tanya C

Knowledgable and friendly service

Having had recurrent problems with my farrier at the time which included lameness after shoeing, Jamie Henney was recommended to me by a trusted friend. From my first initial contact with Jamie i found him to be very professional, knowledgable and friendly. Our first consultation was a great success and both my horses were left happy & healthy.... No lameness insight..... I wish i had found Jamie sooner! I cannot recommend him highly enough

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Jennie C

Excellent Farrier

Over the years i have successfully competed with my show ponies and until last year i used another farrier. I must admit i was quite happy with the service he provided until one of my ponies became laminetic, i consulted with my vet over the problem and relayed this to my farrier. Unfortunately my pony did not improve as quick as i hoped. After again consulting with my vet he advised i used Jamie. Since using Jamie my pony is now very happy and comfortable, Jamie always ensures the very best for my ponies and bends over backwards to help us out. Very satisfied customers!

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Always reliable, on time and extremely resourceful!

As the manager of a very successful racing yard with over 10 horses that constantly are in work, it is important that everything runs smoothly and on time. Jamie is on the yard at least twice a week for shoeing or plating our horses, he is always on time, reliable and extremely resourceful if remedial work is needed, our vet also continually compliments his shoeing. He is very chatty, polite and funny...that is towards the horses let alone us. He treats the horses as if they were his own and it always helps the fact he is a bit of eye candy too... :)

Sarah C

I couldn't be without him!

When I first spoke to Jamie I had to be honest - "My gelding has VERY bad feet and hasn't managed to keep shoes on for anyone in the last six years, he has a VERY nervous disposition and due to bad experiences can be a kicker. I don't even have the promise of other horses/ clients as we keep him at home with one bare foot pony. My vet and I have reached the end of the road as yet another farrier has disappeared on us and no one will take him on" - Jamie reacted as only someone as talented as he is could - he laughed and pretty much said "we'll see about that". Six months later I cannot recommend him highly enough.

My horse is now calm, happy to bring forward his hinds and was recently described by a new judge as having good feet (ha ha!). Our success is proof not just of Jamieà´¡lent but of how attuned he is to the horse. As a bonus Jamie is reliable, good company, easy to get hold of and my horse just loves him - I cannot thank him enough for what he has done for us.

Fiona S

Highly recommended

My mare is usually very nervy, especially around men, but Jamie's calm, gentle manner and patience put her at ease which is very rare in farriers (who usually lose their rag after 5 minutes)! As well as being great with the horses, he's very reliable, chirpy, knowledgeable and genuinely loves what he does. I can't recommend him highly enough!

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Charlie M

Changed my horses feet for the better!

I was having problems with my horse, i really didnt know what good or bad feet looked like and as far as i knew Beano just tripped over anyway. However after losing shoes on a regular basis i decided to change farrier. Jamie was already coming to the yard and always a favoured farrier here with the girls anyway so i decided to give him a go. After the first shoeing i was enlighted by Jamie the state of beanos feet and the abnormal shape they were in. Jamie has been doing him since, no more tripping, no more odd shape feet and no more losing shoes. I would not have known better unless i gave Jamie a shot and i dont regret it one bit. All i would say is take a good look at your horses feet and decide wether they really are the way they should be. Jamie does come with his draw backs tho....very fussy with how he has his coffee!!! :)

Philippa S

Service is second to none!

You can tell that Jamie genuinely enjoys what he does and goes out of his way to make both you and your horse feel settled. I have been let down by unreliable farriers in the past but Jamie always fits in around you, puts your horse first and his service is second to none!

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Dominique J

Exceptionally talented farrier

Jamie is an exceptionally talented and technical farrier who always endeavours to do what is best for the horses in his care. I have two horses and Jamie caters for each individually in terms of technique and handling. I recommend him without hesitation.

David B

Relaxed and professional service

I have a large horse that some farriers have been threatened by and use their strength to show him who is boss! Jamie has come in, been himself and doesnലeat him any differently. ᣫ鳠putty in his hands and I wouldn൳e anyone else.

Jolene A

Great Farrier

One of my horses is a rescued Shire cross with rather large feet. I was dreading the price of shoes for him every 7 weeks. Jamie advised me that as he is only a happy hacker with little road work I could try barefoot. This was well over a year ago, Jamie checks my horse each time he visit the yard to make sure he is still fine shoeless. He trims only when needed. Thanks to Jamie I have a very happy rescue horse and more money in my pocket.

Peter H


I canಥcommend Jamie enough. His calm and relaxed manner immediately put my sensitive horse at ease - I feel totally confident in his hands. Thank-you Jamie.

Brian C

Very calm and patient

I have only recently started using Jamie and I am really, really pleased with the work he has done, especially as my horse is a sensitive thoroughbred who is not normally good with men he has latched on to Jamie really well. Unlike other farriers I've had in the past he is very calm and patient with the horses. The service that Jamie offers is fantastic and totally reliable. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Holly G

Totally trust worthy and reliable

Jamie has been shoeing our horses for many years and i have always found him to be totally trust worthy and reliable. I have a shire type horse who has always needed very careful shoeing and i am very happy with the service I have received. I would not hesitate to recommend Jamie to anyone!

Rachel H

Helped with laminitis

My last farrier had tried all sorts with my pony who suffers from laminitis. I was at the end of my tether until someone recommended Jamie. He has used natural balance shoes for my pony and the vet is so impressed with what we have achieved. I am so happy.

Katie B

Best job possible

Jamie is different to other farriers I have used, in the fact that he takes his time over each fitting and isnવst rushing through to move onto the next job. You know you are doing the best for your horse by using Jamie!

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Iඥry fussy with farriers!

Jamie is a friendly happy farrier....not like your typical bruiser type that grunts and snorts now and again and believe me I have met a few!! Jamie is the only farrier I know that has had the time and patience to get to know my horses. I also have mini horses that have very tiny delicate feet so I have to be very fussy with farriers. I will not let anyone else touch any of my horseথet apart from Jamie. I highly recommend Jamie if you want a happy horse.

Natasha H

Recommend him to everyone

Jamie has been shoeing all my horses for about a year. I have quite a difficult horse, he is often lame, Jamie is patient and takes time and trouble and has now fitted him with natural balance shoes which seem to have worked wonders, I am now bringing him back into work. Unlike many other farriers I have used, Jamie is always on time and totally reliable. I would recommend him to everyone.

Helen B

Honest and reliable service

Depending on the level of work my horse is doing, Jamie will advise on the length of time between each shoeing. I have saved myself some money with his honesty.

Dawn O

Finally a farrier I can trust and rely on!

I was very pleased with the quality of service and the way he treated my horse. Couldn't believe the difference in the way he moves. I am very happy i now have a farrier i can trust and rely on. Definitely recommend Jamie to anyone!